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The Roofing Contractors Imperial Beach, CA

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Roof Repair

Imperial Beach


Review: Was preparing for a roofing project by obtaining 3-4 price quotes. The Roofing Contractors came out first, and I ended up just going with them. When it really feels right it really feels right! From that moment onward I was awarded for paying attention to my gut feeling. Obtained an outstanding cost on my roofing, and the work was done quickly, any type of concern I had actually was instantly taken care of. Thanks!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice review. The best feeling for us is leaving a home knowing that we did a great job, and hearing this from you means alot to us.

Service: Roof Repair
Product: Roof Repair Equipment

Arthur E. Barbee

Roof Leak Repair

Imperial Beach


Review: We just had our home reroofed and we can't say thanks enough for the recommendation from our buddy in Imperial Beach ... The work was performed in an expert fashion, the roof covering looks excellent.

Thanks to you buddy in Imperial Beach! And thank you for this sweet review. We are so happy that you are satisfied with our work.

Service: Roof Leak Repair
Product: Roof Leak Repair Equipment

Jennifer S.

Shingle Roofing

Imperial Beach


Review: The roofers all did a fantastic job re-roofing a flat roofing part of our home. The roof covering must have been at least 20 years old and it was definitely time to go. The Roofing Contractors got there on time to complete the job. The re-roofing itself went extremely quickly. Much less compared to a day for the large staff to take care of every little thing from starting the demolition to the last clean-up. The quality is outstanding.

I remember this roof. It was indeed time for a new one! So glad that you had a good experience with us.

Service: Shingle Roofing
Product: Shingle Roofing Equiptment

Denise Williams