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Are you looking for Flat Roofing Contractors Santa Clarita? Flat roofing is most common for grocery stores, retail stores and industrial buildings of sizes. Many older businesses are in great need of flat roofing repairs. That’s okay because The Roofing Contractors Santa Clarita has many expert contractors for flat roofing in Santa Clarita. (866) 920-9130 is all you really need because our five-star rated customer service office personnel are always happy to help. Of course, we can answer a lot of your questions right here, too.

Flat Roofing Through History

Flat roofing was particularly popular in the 1960s and have been a trademark of many business buildings for decades since. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a flat roof or a semi-flat roof. Fact is that they tend to leak or collapse under a lot of weight. However, they are very durable and neither of those two things occurs quickly. A flat roof is not typically very attractive, but you can add a layer of light decorative stones or pebbles if this is a real concern. On a real plus side, flat roofing is very easy to work on, and not just for flat roofing contractors Santa Clarita. If your A/c. plumbing or an electrical system needs work, those contractors like them a lot better, too.

Hot Mop or Torch Down?

The Roofing Contractors Cityname’s highly skilled flat roofing contractors Santa Clarita can really install or repair either type of flat roofing. It is part of what makes our company stick out and why we have been around for so many years. Hot mop flat roofing is probably the simplest roofing type in history that works. Hot mopped asphalt is quick to apply and durable for years to come. The idea is to take a large bucket of hot asphalt and literally “mop” it onto the under the surface of a roof to create a top surface, which is then covered with gravel in most cases.

Torch Down Roofing

This type of flat roof coating is also called “Modified Bitumen”. That is a technical term, though as most people know it as Torch Down Roofing. The name comes from the method of melting bitumen sheets into a fiberglass type of sheet in the roofs overlap sections while performing a “Torch Down Roofing” installation. While a little more expensive, this type of roof installation last even longer than hot asphalt roofing installations, with a typical lifespan of two decades. It is also literally applied with a torch rather than a “hot-mop”.

Researching Flat Roofing Contractors Santa Clarita

As you have probably already figured out, it pays to do a little research. Never hire the first flat roofing contractor you come across. This includes The Roofing Contractors Santa Clarita. We would be remiss if we didn’t like it when a customer comes to the table with a few different bids already. It makes our job that much easier when giving our customers a good price. Quality flat roof repair and installation comes at a cost, but usually not the highest quote on cost you will receive. We have strived to provide the best quality service for a good price for a long time. We do not intend to stop anytime soon.

Flat Roofing Experience Is A Must

We may not be the cheapest, but we will be most affordable for the best deal. It’s not a gimmick or sales pitch. You need the experts for an affordable rate, not the amateurs for cheap. A half done job will not last. So when you or your commercial property needs a flat roof installed or a flat roof repair, just call The Roofing Contractors Santa Clarita at (866) 920-9130 after getting a few quotes. It will save you a lot of trouble.

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